To think about where God has brought me from still amazes me. I used to live life desperately trying to fill a void only God could feel. Tirelessly, I searched, still on the hunt to find self-value through others. I placed my heart in their hands only for it to be returned to me more damaged, broken, and empty than before. Stuck in this cycle, a turning point came in my life when I became pregnant at the age of 19 and decided to try God out for myself; seeing as I had been taught about Him all of my life. And you would think that this is where the story ends, but it is truly where it begins.


Life at this point had changed so drastically. Becoming a single mother at such a young age or at any age was definitely not a part of my plans. I had to juggle parenthood through being a student-athlete in college and ambitiously chasing after a career. The nights were long and the days seemed to be endless. But after fighting feelings of embarrassment, anger, fear, and resentment, I have finally allowed God to have His way and transform the way I think; putting the new nature, my identity, into action that I have found through Him alone.


Outside of being a single parent, I’m just me. I am an educator of Mathematics, volleyball coach, and ministry leader. I count the relationships I build with my students, athletes, and peers as a privilege.


And if you would allow me, through my experiences and the lessons that I’ve learned along the way, I’d love to speak to your heart, the heart of a single mother.  ❤️

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