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“Stop…and LOOK…”


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Yesterday, my daughter and I were out hoping to buy a new car before church. We had on our matching shirts and jeans. As we sat in the lobby waiting to hear from someone, I looked her over. Her hair was messy. Her skin was dry. And she didn’t look…happy. I looked at me. My hair was well put together. Clothes were nicely ironed, and I was in a pretty good state of mind. I wondered why we weren’t truly matching.

I am in the process of reading Missional Motherhood by Gloria Furman. Within this book, Ms. Furman discusses the Everyday Ministry of Motherhood in the Grand Plan of God. When I read the quote below today, it picked at me and made me feel a little…convicted.

“Under Solomon’s rule, peace and prosperity multiplied, but so did dozens of wives and a pantheon of idols. Solomon’s story makes me wonder if, in our fatigue from caring from others and our weariness from battling sin, we’re happy to settle for a Solomon-like Kingdom in our homes.”

King Solomon was known to be a wise king who wanted God to fix his character rather than enlarge his material gain. And although that was great, his leadership of God’s people slipped and allowed for the surrounding nations to glide right in with their culture and rituals for the people of Israel to pick up on…

As I read that today, that moment from yesterday and weeks past came back to mind. So often, I get caught up in planning for work, ministries at church, grad work and spiritual growth for myself that I fail to realize the one person who truly needs me…lives with me.

Not just that if you add on house duties to outside duties it can get very frustrating. And when that frustration cannot stay in anymore where, or who, does it affect. Then I wonder why doesn’t she look happy or why isn’t she talking to me. Well it might be because forty percent of the time I am busy planning, and the other sixty percent of the time I am fussing at her for doing something…wrong.

Today, I had to take an honest look at myself. Yes, I want to be the best teacher I can possibly be. Yes, I want to lead people in ministry and accomplish more career goals. But that cannot trump the one person who I will truly effect for a lifetime.

I pray that if you can relate to this blog that you also stop and look at yourself and your child(ren). It’s so easy for us as single moms to get caught up in the river of life and the life of our child(ren) quickly pass us by. We strive to advance ourselves in careers and make sure we’re serving the Lord. Which these things are fine and dandy…but we can’t bypass our ministry of motherhood.

Take time today to show, share, encourage, or teach your child(ren) something. Make memories…



1 thought on ““Stop…and LOOK…””

  1. Great words Sis!!! All mothers experience this – I’ve been in your shoes. Trying to be a great educator and trying to do my best in my church ministry. God wants us to do well in our careers and He certainly wants to serve Him in church. But our first ministry is at home. Like you said, if we’re spending all of our time planning, doing, and fussing, and not enough time pouring our time and energy into our babies…what’s it all for? I can’t tell you to balance – I don’t think it exists – but definitely prioritize. Thanks for this reminder!

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