Patience, Trust In God

“The Journey…”

When we come  into faith, a believer, we start to learn the ways of God. We begin to notice that God’s ways are nothing like that of this world we live in. We may even begin to question the very morals and values we developed along the way. 

Then on that journey, we find God! Like, ACTUALLY FIND HIM! Then God begins to embrace us and shower His love on us. When this happens it brings the way of this world to a halt and we begin to desire this love that God is showing us…

Don’t be alarmed, but our ways begin to change. We’ll have new desires on the inside that we didn’t know existed. God will slowly but surely begin to change us through this process. The process of His love.

We’ll desire a way that has been completely shut off, or denied, by man. God, Himself, will show us something new. 

The hard part will be trusting this love. This new love. This love that goes against everything we’ve ever seen or experienced. This love that desires to change EVERYthing that the world wanted to hold hostage…

                “Trust the process (journey)…”


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