“Don’t Look Back”

Isaiah 43:19 – “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall he not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.”

Thinking about my experience in Louisiana usually brings me to tears. I experienced God like never before. Quite frankly, that’s where God came in and rescued me. He showed me His power, love, and a new path. He showed me that in-spite of my past, not only did He forgive me, wrap me in His arms of protection, bless me-but He showed me that he could still use me for His glory.

God surrounded me with family in Louisiana. He surrounded me with people who were just like me, yet still chasing after HIM. I had been so used to people trying to tell me how to live, turning their back on me, and even using me. But God showed me REAL people still exist. Real, hurting people…just like me. Who were chasing after God because that’s all that mattered.

I will confess that being relocated was bittersweet. Sweet to know I was blessed with the opportunity to make more money. Bitter because I wanted to stay where I was – my comfort zone. Really, my Bethel, the place where I experienced God. At times, I get sad thinking about what I “lost”…

Then there’s Isaiah chapter 43 verse 19 that challenges me to believe that I can experience God here, right now, in a new way. Will I believe that He is a Promise Keeper, that He is a Hope Giver, that He does have a plan for my life (…even here)? It challenges me to hold on to the God I encountered in the past, and believe in the Omnipresent God I met along the way…

Lord, I thank You right now for just being who You are. Lord, I thank You that Your thoughts are not my thoughts and that Your ways are not my ways. Lord, I thank You for knowing what was best for me even when I doubted You. Lord, I thank You that in this new year You are shifting my perspective and giving me a new passion. God, I pray this prayer for not only myself, but also for those who are struggling to understand what You are doing in their life. God, I thank You for knowing all things and seeing all things. Lord, we trust You and in Your Word. Continue to have Your way Lord Jesus. Show us, reveal to us that new thing You shall do in 2015. We’re asking and praying in Your son Jesus name, Amen.

With love and Happy New Year! ❤

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