Strength & Motivation


A couple of months ago I wrote about embracing our one-on-one time with God. I explained how it is time well spent regardless of how we may view it. He is using this encounter to transform us into who He has called us to be.

As single mothers we fight everyday to become who God has called us to be. We are strong women. Juggling a child, or children. In some cases, you add a career, serving in church, and maintaining a social life! That’s just to name a few! Sometimes it seems as if there is just not enough time in a day. Then we sleep for a few hours, only to wake up and try to do it all over again. Sound familiar?!

This has not been a walk in the park for me. I have had a rocky start to this NEW season in my life. Mainly because it is unfamiliar, but I am committed to excelling in this season…day by day! Our work will never be finished until we see our Savior, right? So just like in my last post I beckoned you, us to keep fighting. Today as we keep fighting, I want to encourage us to continue to stretch to new heights.

I have really fell in love with the life cycle of a butterfly. They amaze me. God did a wonderful work when He said, “Let there be butterflies”!!! Excuse my imagination! LOL. Although they are so small and vulnerable creatures; their lives are such an inspiration to me.

Not in a particular order, I have been studying the life cycle of a butterfly. If you can look at the video above, you see a butterfly coming out of it’s cocoon, or chrysalis! It’s slowly but surely making its way out to enjoy a NEW LIFE a NEW WAY! When I saw this, I was astounded.

“This is your season. Just breathe…” – ❤

When butterflies burst out of their cocoon, you’ll never guess how they do it. They just breathe. Taking deep breaths in, gaining their strength to break out of their “shell”. Before you know it they are spreading their wings enjoying the new creature God has created them to be.

Sometimes I complicate things. Knowing that I am already busy, I procrastinate, then I forget to even complete the tasks I needed to get done. Then eventually, what was a burning bush is now a burning house because of my own doing. This creates anxiety and overwhelming moments for me! Obviously! Shaking my head at myself!!! Just unneeded pressure that I put on myself at times. When I saw this video and researched the simplicity of what the butterfly was doing, it brought a sense of calm and relief to me that I needed to settle me down. I’m just starting off in this season. Procrastination, or not. Busy, or not. Life happens and I just have to breathe my way through it.

I can only imagine  how one point in time, the once caterpillar, was comfortable in its cocoon. Then it began to grow and slowly but surely fill up the cocoon, until it decided to break (the cocoon that is!). To me, the cocoon represents God’s favor, and His grace. Guiding and nurturing us to our next level of life. And since He has us covered, and ushers us out of our “cocoon”, he simply whispers to us, “Just breathe”.

Breathe your way out. Each breath means purpose is there for you to fulfill. Each breath you breathe in is supplied to you by our Father in Heaven. The One who holds us up and guarantees us a future and a hope for better days. The amount of God’s grace and favor on your life is all you need to guide you to your next level. In-spite of all the duties, titles you hold, and whatever else you may feel like is holding you “hostage”- just breathe.

Breathe knowing that you will succeed. Breathe knowing God is in control. Breathe knowing He won’t let you fail. Breathe knowing step-by-step, day-by-day you are making guaranteed progress to be who He has called you to be.

I Corinthians 2:9 – “That is what the scriptures mean when they say, ‘No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him’.”


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