Patience, Strength & Motivation

Hebrews 10:36 – “Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that He has promised”

The last two post focused on abiding in God’s “G.R.A.C.E” and “PUSH”ing through uncomfortable circumstances. These two topics are at the surface of my current battle! God has really been challenging me to abide in Him and push, even more, through circumstances that try to attack my belief system! God has been challenging me to dig deeper to gain the strength I need to endure this new level in my life. He is challenging my perspective. I know what I believe, but the pressure of certain circumstances make way for the option to bag out prematurely based on what I feel like rather than by acting it out based on what I know.

As I went through college pregnant, Fall 2010, I had a one track mind: “GIVING UP WAS NOT AN OPTION”. I was 5, almost 6, months pregnant. I walked to class everyday (because I wanted an easy labor, of course). I challenged myself to do aerobics. I went to class early, and stayed late if I had to. I traveled up and down the highway to doctor’s appointments. Driving home late Wednesday night, going to the doctor Thursday morning, and headed back to Louisiana right after to make sure I made class Friday morning. I was so focused. Determined. I didn’t want to be a statistic. I didn’t want to be another young girl who went off to college, got pregnant, and had to move back home in order to survive. So, I put in overtime. Little did I know, that I was equipped to handle such a task. Not to mention, there were many sleepless nights. Sleeping in my bed was very uncomfortable. I cried at the thought of having to face this season of my life alone…so I thought, but God provided. Provided a lot more than what my natural eye could see: STRENGTH. To this day, I couldn’t tell you how I survived that season of my life.

So as I reflect on that, that season of my life provides a lot of foundation of how I will push through this season of my life. I wasn’t ready to be a mother. My body was going through changes that the world around me cared nothing about. I just had to do it! Learning as I went and trusting that God would help me along the way.

The strength I gained then has been stored away for me to use in this season. That perspective then has set the tone for my perspective now. Will I give in or will I fight? I didn’t know what it meant to be a mother then, but I learned. I set the atmosphere as if I did. I have new roles now that I have been prepared for but I am having to learn along the way how to function in them! And although some days, there is more pressure than I think I can handle, I know God wouldn’t put more on me than I could bare so I PUSH through with PATIENT endurance. Knowing that God will provide help along the way. Is it easy, no, but the perspective of it all makes a big difference. When the pressure comes, I don’t focus on the source of the pressure…

Instead, I focus on the One who holds the power to help me overcome it… ❤


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