Strength & Motivation, Trust In God

Psalm 27

Psalm 27:11 – “Teach me how to live, O Lord. Lead me along the right path, for my enemies are waiting for me.”

What is your enemy? So many times I’ve gotten caught up in people being my enemy. Here lately I’ve had to admit that I have been looking over a few that have been in my own backyard!  “Enemies” aren’t always…people. The bible tells us we aren’t fighting against flesh and blood, but the evil ruler and spirits of this dark world (paraphrasing). [Ephesians 6:12]

As single mothers, the enemy attempts to trap us in our shortcomings, and weaknesses. Such as, our ups and downs with money- financial stability, waiting for a companion-lust, and maybe even fear. Fear of not reaching a steady place of financial stability, being found by a companion, or just fear of the unknown. He attempts for us to be so caught up in what we do not have to get us to forget the promises God has already said.

I cannot stress enough how I sense, feel, that God has us, single mothers, on His mind. He’s preparing us for something! He needs us to be , continue to be, brave and courageous. He knows what we go through as single parents, but it’s the FIRE that makes the DIAMOND.

The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy the plan God has for out lives. He tries to steal our money, kill our dreams, and destroy the little bit of sanity we have left after a long day on our jobs and with our kids! Truth be told, he’s never going to stop coming after us. Especially since God holds such a HIGH PLACE in our life. Sad to say, the enemy wants that place – one way or another.

From this moment on, I beckon you to not give in. Seeing as I am in a growing season in my life, the enemy has been trying to attack my  sanity. My peace. But he cannot have it! It has been too much of a struggle to even get to this point!

With that being said, I have been speaking Psalm 27 over my life. I am determined to see the goodness of the Lord on this side of heaven. I am believing it for me and every other single mother out in this world. God has His hand on us and there is nothing anyone can do about it!

Be encouraged! Have peace! ❤

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