Strength & Motivation, Trust In God

“When FAITH turns to FAVOR…”

Romans 8:28 – “For all things work for the good of those who love the Lord, and are called according to His purpose”

Two weeks ago from today, I made a decision to come back to my hometown. I was a little skeptical about it but the nudge in my heart would not go away. I decided to take this leap of faith and believe in God, my Redeemer.

Lately, I have been sitting in my room. The room I grew up in. Looking at these four white walls that surround me. And I get flabbergasted at the mighty work God has done in ME. I used to cut up RIDICULOUSLY. My attitude was terrible and just to think about how I used to chase after boys… I just shake my head. God is something!

 “Separation Brings Elevation” – Pastor Williams

A month or so before I made this move, I attended a Praxis Workshop at my wonderful Alma Mater! The guy who ran the workshop was a Pastor from Jackson, MS. We ended up having a conversation and he stated the above quote to me. I didn’t quite understand what it meant then, but I do now…

Most of the time people look at elevation as a means for power or authority over another. And to the world, that is what it pretty much sums up to. I did not want to miss what God was trying to tell me here… So I asked, “God, what does this mean for ME and how can I use what You’ve done in the midst of my life to encourage someone else?”

As I mentioned earlier, I cut up as a teenager. By the time I went to college I “knew” what I wanted. What I wanted landed me a beautiful daughter! LOL. Plus it left me just as empty as I already was. I was separated from my family. The ladies I called my friends always seemed to separate from me. I was alone, separated…but God used that time that I was away from home to RESTORE me to Himself.

For so long I searched the world for comfort. But God separated me to elevate me ABOVE THE ENEMY. The enemy wanted me to feel as if I was alone. At one point in time my aloneness turned into desperation to gain comfort from anyone or anything. But the day I said no more to the enemy and chose to allow God to have His way…I GAINED MORE THAN I COULD EVER IMAGINE.

As I sit in my room, I remember days I could not stand to look at my family. Now I do not want to risk a minute without them. Can I be REAL?! —> I remember the young men I used to sneak in and out of this room. Today, I have made a decision not to leave this room until I am married. No more dating on my own! This room used to be drowned by spirits full of lust, greed, hate, and deceit. NOW: I feel God’s presence more than ever before! For He alone has elevated me. Empowered me. Loved me past my pain. For He alone keeps His promises.

“Dear single mother, if I could encourage you to do only one thing…it would be to hold on to your faith. As I have mentioned in my other posts, God cares about the attitude of our hearts. In no way, form, or fashion do I ever want to make my journey look easy. But through every tear, rough day, late bill, etc. I want to encourage you to hold on! Some days it may feel as if you are holding on to thin air. Please BELIEVE. Please BELIEVE that God is there. Please BELIEVE that He cares and knows what you are going through. Your change is coming one way or another. I strongly believe because I have been able to witness testimonies of other wonderful, faith-filled single mothers; and since I am experiencing God for myself (even at this very moment) – I KNOW God will surely bless you with the desires of your heart as well. He is a just God…your FAITH will turn to FAVOR.” – ❤

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